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Villa For £50,000



Luxury Mansion in Pure Nature
with view to the Pacific Ocean Costa Rica

Sorry This Property Has Been Sold

When you are looking for a luxury country mansion amidst pure nature you cannot find a better place, and the construction of the mansion “Casa Elena” is first class.
Situated in the heart of Costa Rica between the Capital San Jose and the beaches of Puntarenas - near the town of San Ramon de Alajuela the property has a breathtaking view to the Pacific Ocean and surrounding mountains.
You need one hour and fifteen minutes from the International airport and in one hour you get to the beaches of Puntarenas.
The altitude of 3.280 feet above sea level provides one of the best climates in the world with all year long average temperature of  77 º F ( 25 C ) - a perfect place to promote or to maintain your health.
The air is purified on this land by hundreds of trees, exotic plants, green spaces and surrounding forests full of birds and butterflies.
The place  is quiet and peaceful in the midst of pure nature with a comfortable house in European style situated on four acres beautiful garden.
The  house has 8.025 square feet (750 m2) with twenty rooms.
Each bedroom (ten) has his own bathroom.
The house has total 11 1/2 bathrooms.
Each bathroom is decorated with beautiful tiles, well done and in different styles.
The terrace, the big living and dining room and also most of the bedrooms have a view over the Pacific Ocean and to the mountains in the south of Costa Rica.
In the middle of the house you find the big dining and living room (1.180 square feet - 111 m2). Around this are some of the bedrooms.
 One is the master bedroom with 265 square feet. This master bedroom has on the side a dressing room with 115 square feet and the master bathroom with 110 square feet. The master bedroom has a wonderful view to the Pacific Ocean. You see in the night all the lights of Puntarenas and the villages around and a sky full of stars.
The kitchen is a separated part with total 640 square feet.
On the side of the kitchen there is a bedroom with 125 square feet and a bathroom with 50 square feet. This is planned for a maid.
The house offers also big area for exercises with wooden floor (750 square feet) and a relaxing area with two rooms and a big bathroom including hot tub with view in the garden.
There is also a gym, a garage for three  cars, a parking area and storage rooms.
Around the house you can enjoy a beautiful garden, all with view to the Ocean.

The costs are very low. I have to pay for one month: for the water $ 1 (because of several underground springs ), for the electricity between $ 40 and 60 and for the property tax $ 15.
 The place is really special because of the view, high security, tranquility, pure air and pure water and the wonderful vegetation and the gardens.
Construction 796 m2 (8525 square feet)
Land 15.000 m2 (3,75 acres)
Walls 2,50m high 150 meters
Parking area 14 x 12 meters 168 m2 1.800 square feet
Electric gate with intercommunication
big lightning conductor
2 phone lines
all furnished
gardens and green areas



Living and dining room, 11 bedrooms with 11 1/2 bathrooms, big kitchen and laundry room, entrance, Studio, 2 terraces, relax area for massages with two rooms and big bathroom, gym, garage for three cars, storage rooms, guard house, 150 meters wall, garden

I am selling this house for $595,000 -
40 % financing - cash $357,000
The house can also be used for two families because it has two separated parts.