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Canadian Resort Property For Sale
Residential Business Atlin Canada


Residential/Commercial Property
2 Bedrooms
4 Bathrooms
Sleeps 3
Partially Furnished
Airport 0-10 kms


AlterVision-My Table Building

'My Table' interior

Circular Drive

Front deck-soffits

Guest Dinner


Main entrance door



Rear entrance-soffits

Room Interior




SW to NW view panorama

Utility Shed


View S


Workshop Detail Intr

Atlin, British Columbia, Canada
“BC’s best kept Secret”
Residential/Business Property For Sale
4.08 Acres with Buildings-privately secluded on ‘Moose Hill’
In unique secure location-just 2 Km north from Atlin’s core.
Featuring gorgeous 270-degree vistas-overlooking pristine
Atlin Lake and Mountain Range/Glaciers toward Alaska

Existing detached buildings include: Well water, power, satellite/Internet, parking.
*Private Residence (1,400 Sq.Ft.) 2 Bedrooms, 1 Bathroom -various amenities (in the current residence)
*‘My Table’ Restaurant & Catering/AlterVision Conference Retreat Center (2,600 Sq. Ft) 3 Bathrooms, incl. Staff BR
*Cabinetry/Wood work shop with various features
(1,200 Sq.Ft)
*Utility shed (120 Sq.Ft)
*Firewood storage (200 Sq.Ft)
Local Airport 5 mins., Heliport 3 mins., Float Plane service 3 mins.
Int. Airport (Whitehorse, Yukon) 190 Km

The property also features/includes: convenient Vacant Building site(s) w/. amenities;
*appr. 4,000 Sq.Ft. on bluff overlooking Atlin Lake & Mountain range (f. Vacation/Recreation Residence or Cabin)
*appr. 17,000 Sq.Ft. adjacent property (f. Guest Cabin).

 Regional characteristics:

Atlin (population appr. 400) has a warm and friendly atmosphere, is British Columbia’s northernmost community, and is located on Atlin Lake’s front, just 55 Km (34 miles) south of the BC-Yukon border, at the end of Provincial A7 (‘Atlin Road’) -98 Km south of ‘Jakes Corner’ (off the Alaska Highway), in the ‘Southern Lakes’ area-all lakes connecting to the Yukon River.
(Atlin is 3-hours drive from Skagway AK, 2-hours drive from Whitehorse, Yukon)
Known for its pristine serene ‘Last Frontier’ wilderness countryside, Atlin renders natural beauty and wild life --like moose, bear, Lake trout, salmon, pike, mountain goat, caribou- next to spectacular Sunsets and (of course!) Aurorae Boreales (Northern Lights), as well is known for extensive gold mining exploration during the early 1900’s following Klondike Gold rush.
(Gold and minerals mining on a smaller scale is still going on today.) 
These days Atlin is mostly a seasonal vacation resort and tourist destination that offers, for its residents and visitors alike, various year-round outdoor recreational activities including: freshwater river and lake fishing, camping, canoeing, hunting, hiking, snowmobiling, cross-country skiing , mining (both professionally and recreationally), heliskiing, glacier and lake tours. (boating & planeing)

Business/Residential, Buildings & Amenities:

‘My Table’ Restaurant & Catering features an exclusive fine dining experience in the Mediterranean Cuisine, whilst AlterVision Conference Retreat Center offers year-round package arrangements for conference-and management training including all-in air/road travel arrangements.  Both business operations offer joint services in cooperation with Atlin Hotels and B&B’s. 
‘My Table’/AlterVision’s Owners-Custom Designed Building is a recently-built Atlin business venue situated on ‘Moose Hill’ bluff that is 450 Ft. above and overlooking Atlin Lake --allowing for gorgeously expansive vistas over 270 degrees! 
Its exterior design is Chalet-style with exquisite fir post & beam work-has a ‘marine’-theme Ship-shape, shingled roof, continuous eavestroughs, vaulted ceiling and dormers, custom milled cedar siding/trims, R2000-insulated walls, triple-pane glazed, featuring large pine-soffit overhangs over 9X54 Ft. decks, and a basement containing all ‘mechanicals’ incl.
back-up watertank/‘heat sink’, water conditioner and pump. (Well-water feed and basement water tank can be used alternately!).
A ‘barrier-free’ (wheelchair access) building-by way of a 1:12 wheel-/walk-up ramp. 
In short: Hi-end structure/building quality!!!

The professionally finished interior is designed in 1850 style classic ambiance, featuring four 12” Cedar cross beams over main entrance thru dining/meeting room, which offers panoramic window/front deck views. Building features a unique custom- built, triple-panel, main entrance door, a classic-design/furnished hearth, a wide door to the lake-front deck, and walnut hardwood flooring, hi-end detailed tiling, professional quality ‘CanTech’ welded flooring (in all ‘wet’ spaces), plus hi-tech electronic amenities (for live-performance dinner entertainment and conference), professional restaurant-grade equipped kitchen (stainless steel) and various inherent amenities such as propane fueled appliances (1,500 Lbs. certified/outdoor tank)- fully equipped pantry including stainless steel double fridge and freezer, staff bathroom (vanity/shower), barrier-free M/F public bathrooms with a unique-designer W/C-accessible Custom-built vanity. Radiant floor heating, with auxiliary heating on main floor throughout building.
The Cabinetry/Wood workshop (8 years) is fully insulated, R40 shingled roof (14 feet high) – R20 walls (10 Ft high), vaulted ceiling, with insulated arched main doors (9X9 Ft) w/. side-entrance door, for year-round use, residual-wood heated (‘Sawman’ woodstove, many 120/240 Volt power outlets, hot/cold water wash basin, ‘mezzanine’-loft storage.
Has two dust-suction units and one overhead filtration unit, custom built designer workbenches (fixed) with ample under-top storage including heavy duty sliding drawers under all work surface sections.
Finished concrete/perimeter foundation floor.
Firewood storage is a low-profile (non-obstructive view) structure located close to the workshop.

The private Residence is a 10-year old manufactured home (962 Sq.Ft.) on permanent perimeter concrete foundation, shingled roof, vaulted ceiling, R20 insulated, double-pane glazed, with large front and side decks, 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, kitchen, 6 appliances and satellite entertainment/internet amenities.
Owners occupy this home with four ‘furry kids’ i.e. Canine species. (dogs) whilst running the businesses.
Utility shed is located close to the residence, with freezers and various storage cabinetry.

Although close to Atlin’s town core, the main property is right amidst nature, very private and securely located, has private access drive -800 meters (over BC Cown Land –owner would sell their License of Occupation!), circular drive on property, adjacent property (is separate, but offered for sale by owners), ‘horseshoe’-surrounded by wooded
areas, except for the bluff area facing/overlooking Atlin Lake and Mountain range.
The currently vacant building site offers same gorgeous vistas over Atlin town, Lake and Mountain range, extending as far as Alaska, and has amenities such as water supply and power available –is very suitable for building a vacation residence/cabin.

Owners wish to privately sell the property at a deemed ‘friendly’ price given its unique location and quality, whilst considering various options and certain conditions as for the occupancy of the property.
We invite prospective buyers to contact us privately/directly as to inquire about these options.


Price $675,000 (USD) Currency Converter

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