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Large Commercial Lot in Cape Coral Florida

Ideal for investment + Start your own business
 + Retire to the Sunshine State + Residency


52,500 sq. ft. = 5,200 m2
All Utilities are in Place.
Ideal for a Plaza, Motel or Shopping Center near a major intersection.
Accessible from three sides!!       
Directly located on a major street (High Visibility)
Attractive price per square foot.


Cape Coral is one of the nation's fastest growing and most desirable cities. With over 400 miles of fresh and saltwater canals, it is a boater's dream-come-true.
Cape Coral consistently ranks among the fastest growing Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA's) in the nation, and is growingnearly twice as fast as the state of Florida as a whole.
Pristine beaches and Gulf waters, Cape Coral really does have something for everyone

Cape Coral location: on the west gulf coast of Florida. It is south of Sarasota and north of Naples and just across the Caloosahatchee River from Fort Myers.!
Over 2 million visitors annually - peak season January 15th-April.
Cape Coral average annual rainfall is 53.6 inches per year
Cape Coral average temperature is (winter) 64.1; (summer) 82.8 degrees F. (17.8 C-summer ; 28.2 C-winter)

The owner of the parcel is Corporation registered in a state with the most liberal corporation regulations, assuring absolutely no fees and taxes at time of transfer.
If you are a foreign investor (Non-US), we can show you how to invest in this piece of land and at the same time get you and your family permanent residency (Green Card)  in Sunny Florida.. This is not the Lottery. For more information regarding this program, please contact

We can also supply property in many other countries of the world. We have residency programs in several countries throughout the world, as well.

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